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[pct-l] Half Ounce Pot Support

David wrote:
I've been experimenting with pot supports to use with soda can / tin can
/ pepsi can stoves.  Photos of the latest design (which weighs about a
half ounce) and additional information can be seen here:

I've made mine from "hardware cloth", that wire mesh with half-inch
holes.  I cut out a rectangular shape of the desired size, then rolled
it up in a short, wide tube and connected the two ends with the wire
stubs from where I cut it.  Then I carefully bent the top half-inch of
the wall wire down and inward (have to crimp the top wire at every hole)
so that I have a half-inch wide brim, pointed inward, on top to rest the
pot on.  Finally, I cut away some of the wire mesh on the sides to
create holes of 1.5 inches wide, separated by a column of half-inch

I haven't weighed this contraption, but it seems to be very light and
there's no worry about blocking airflow to the stove.

Sorry I don't have pictures to post.  If my description wasn't clear
enough, holler!