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[pct-l] sunglasses help

Ken, I'm a patsy for Oakley M-frames ("Heaters" I think) they're PRICEY and
a bit fragile!!!! ;-( but offer exceptional acuity & side protection.  I've
worn them on snowfields for full days without problems, 1500 miles on the
PCT with 'em, (my first pair), etc.  The price is the biggest problem b/c
they are fragile - but Oakley's 1-year guarantee can get you a replacement
pair for $10.00 if a "defect" contributes to frame breakage.  I've taken
Oakley up on that opportunity twice and received replacements in less than 2

Color is important to me - I like to botanize a bit.  Can't do that without
being able to pick out the flowers from the leaves.

FWIW - Christine