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[pct-l] Yosemite

IT IS 99% certain that the Tioga pass road will not open
before July 4 (it has not opened in May for many many many years!!!

I sugggest they fly into Sacramento or San Francisco and take a commuter
jet to Stockon and rent a car from there to go to Yosmetie.

I live near there so they can call me 209.586.5555 for any help


At 9:18 PM -0800 4/13/01, claudia Tuor wrote:
>Hi there,
>I know, this hasn`t really do anything with the PCT, but it is close to the
>PCT, and I am sure that someone has an answer to my question. Two of my
>friends will fly to America soon and they are thinking about going to
>Yosemite Nationalpark at the begin of May. Now I am not sure if the Tioga
>Pass will be open around this time or not because of the snow. Is it
>possible to drive over this pass at the begin of May, and how about going to
>Yosemite Valley? If the pass isn`t open they have to drive around a looong
>way. And if they know that it`s close they can plan their little journey
>I hope to get some answers also off-list. Happy hiking
>alias Swiss Miss
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