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[pct-l] photon/LED flashlights

About the photon light:

I just had a chance to test one out. I had a full power out in my 
neighbourhood two nights ago. We have our backpacking knives and 
flashlights stored in the same, easy-to-find place. It worked well 
and made me think about the 'security blanket' electricity and lights 
provide in our cities. Somehow the dark doesn't faze me so much in 
the mountains, but in the city it was frightening to see all the 
street lights out.

On trail we use this light as backup and use a headlamp for 'in camp' 
use like cooking.

Someone asked about the batteries: Yes they are changeable, but the 
way to do it is certainly not feasible without any light, so you'll 
have to wait until daylight. Also, it is not a very common kind of 
battery. I think it's comparable to photocamera batteries, the flat 
kind. According to the package the yellow should burn up to 120 hours 
straight. The white light many many hours less.

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