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[pct-l] LNT stuff

Hello All -

Christine asked about "Poop Scoop" and I have had a couple of other off-list
inquiries about LNT.

I did up a series of 15 LNT email messages a few years back and posted them
to a number of my favorite email lists (PCT-L was one) in an effort to raise
awareness about LNT.   These messages were also hung on a few sites around
the web and have generated a fair amount of feedback to me over the years.
I am in the process of shamelessly stealing much of this feedback as I
update the series to reflect the "new" seven Principles of Leave No Trace.

I will post the two messages that directly relate to Christine's request
("LNT 9 - Shinola" and "LNT 10 - Poop Soup") right after posting this

The folks who might want to see the entire series can search the PCT-L
archives (***Thanks, Ryan and Milt!***) on keyword "LNT 1" (LNT space 1) in
the Subject field.  You will get the first in the series (and 10-15!) and
should be able to follow the "next in thread" links through the series.  The
set of messages were written to be read in sequence to keep down content

I always ask for feedback from anyone who reads this stuff.  The LNT
educational goal is to present a minimum-impact backcountry use educational
program in a way that folks might even really use.  None of us wants to
waste our time spouting stuff that nobody will bother with - feedback helps
keep it all real.

I wrote my series because I got a little tired of the government-speak and
stuffy prose that abounded in the early days of LNT.  There is a lot of neat
LNT writing out there now, so nobody can claim my over-use of emoticons as
an excuse to ignore the subject!

LNT, Inc is a non-profit organization that was created to coordinate the LNT
effort nation-wide and can be reached at 800.332.4100 or via their web site
"http://www.lnt.org";.  The web site ain't too shabby!

Be sure to let me know if anyone has any questions, arguments, or war
stories about LNT issues...

Trace No Leaves, 

- Charlie II    AT ME-GA'93
               PCT Mex@Can'95
           Chipping away at the CDT