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[pct-l] pictures and observations from section a

I have to say that I just love and completely agree with this philosophy.  
Great perspective.

Greg "Strider" Hummel

ROYROBIN@aol.com writes:

> We all have the choice of staying at home and watching TV, daytime if 
>  retired, or otherwise.  We can, instead, hike our Trail and experience, 
>  firsthand, a whole world that does not exist for those who make the first 
>  choice.  This world includes blisters, bugs, rain, pain, illegals and 
>  rattlesnakes.  Would you prefer to hike the sidewalks?  We deal with all 
>  these things, joyously!, and can only feel sorry for those who choose not 
>   Class of '01, have a GREAT hike!