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[pct-l] RE: Not getting Lost

 2:12 PM -0800 4/7/01, Ken Roberts wrote:
>So it's 3:00pm and you just got to one the designated campsites below South
>Sister Peak. You drop you pack at one of the designated sites,(off in the
>woods away from the lake). Before you leave to check out the trail to the
>summit you mark the spot with your GPS. You head up. The route is wide open.
>The fading afternoon light fantastic. Can't turn back. Make it to the top
>just before sunset, and book on down despite the incredible view.. Get most
>of the way down before dark. But dark by the time you get near the campsite.
>Turn on the GPS(if you don't leave it on all the time the batteries last a
>good long time) hit "goto" your previously marked spot. It got me within
>100ft of my pack in no time.
>Ken R.

No Show.   Sorry!

3PM is NOT a time to start a summit attempt.


Turn an ankle, the weather turns, anything incapacitating
- you're "dead meat".

Especially without a summit pack.

Good to have courage. But this is folly, not courage or having a good time.

Fischer would turn in his grave <s>. But then again they were going to
turn around at 3PM and did not. Storm blew in.

Dead meat.

Now, I know, every peak is not the Big One, however peaks and ranges
make their own weather.

Just don't do it. (Sorry Nike). I don't want to come in to rescue you. Get
to bed early,
get up at 5AM, pack a summit pack, or cache some stuff, or take it
with you...then summit, have breakfast- you're safe and sane and
have the whole day to handle any peakbagging probs.

Not as much fun, but it's bomber & but you will be a mountaineer much longer.

There is no such thing as an old, bold, mountaineer :-)