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[pct-l] Immigration and other liberal taboos

>>As I recall from my history classes, many would be immigrants were
rejected at Ellis Island and sent back to Europe because they did not meet
US standards.<<

Sort of like the current ban on the importation of European beef. In order
to protect the quality of American beef, it sometimes behooves us to drive
away the unwanted cattle. Unfortunately, American beef still causes heart
disease. And we still have too many cattle, propogating in the virgin

The way to control immigration is to teach by example. If Americans were to
lead a sustainable, earth-centered lifestyle, then the third world might
stop raping itself in its current attempts to be like us. Life there becomes
more livable, and so folks stay home. That, or they sneak across the border
to hike our permanently protected, pristine horse-free Pacific Crest Trail
of the future.

- blisterfree