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[pct-l] gear testing (read: slave labor)

It seems gear testers such as those who would
respond the the nike request are similar to folks
who would have been interested in sitting on the=20
jury for the O.J. trial.  -  Nothing better to do with
lotsa time on their hands.

Another similarity that comes to mind are those
consumer information cards that come with alotta
products.  Money grubbing corporations love free=20
marketing consultants.

Just back from Cabo San Quintin, Baja California -
a little off trail, but for anyone who has the opportunity
to make this trip down the trans-peninsular hightway=20
in the spring (like, now), It is the MOST SPECTACULAR=20
wild flower show the whole way one could possibly imagine !
wild flowers seem to love those volcanic slopes.  I could
rave on and on, but I'll spare y'all.


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