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[pct-l] Re: my take of old station

We did stay at the hotel in Old Station. I believe it was in the upper 40
ish dollars. Very nice room, with nicely appointed bathrooms. The lady there
let us use her pc...and we had a great time chatting with Doug, and the
store owner who seemed very respectful of hikers. Lots of nice things there,
free coffee to hikers. The motel fills up quickly, at 9 am  we rented the
last room available, although it did take a bit of persuasion to have the
cleaning lady finish getting it ready by  11 am.

Pizza John's co-owner, the wife, was apparently overworked, and thats the
excuse I offer for her rudeness to us, and poor service. We ate breakfast
there once. The rest of our meals we ate elswhere. She had obvious distain
for us, although we cleaned up into town clothes, and left a decent tip.

Post office extremely hiker friendly.

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