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[pct-l] corn pasta

I used corn pasta for a long time.  I think that it is a good thing to add
to all the other pastas, quionoa, potatoes, rice, etc.

However, it is expensive, hard to find in a lot of areas, easily
overcooked, and very often slightly RANCID.  the corn has a lot of oil it
it, relatively speaking, and the shelf life is very short and the demand in
many areas is very low.  Hence the rancidity.  I have found this to be true
even in heath food stores with rapid turnover.  I suspect that it hangs
around warehouses before distribution (ditto for brown rice).

I used ground corn meal, which is rarely rancid, and cooks faster, cheaper,
and available almost anywhere.  It works just as good for me. grits are
nice, a little coaser grind.

I also suspect that Jardine has a wheat allergy, and the corn pasta was a
real improvement for his system - thus, the increase energy that he
ascribes to it.