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[pct-l] Tin Can Stove Website

At 02:10 PM 2/28/01 , Reynolds, WT wrote:
>Wasn't this the BEER Can stove?

Actually the  the bottom of cans containing Pepsi products is shaped 
differetnly than Beer cans or cans of other manufacturers.

Although other types of cans can be used, the Pepsi cans work better.

At ADZPCTKOP, we mistakenly called this the "beer can stove" but the maker 
(who was not present to disabuse us) later corrected the construction 

Also, FWIW, I have found that the instructions on how to make the "large 
central hole" (step 2) are way more difficult than need be. I just use an 
disposable knife to scribe a line around where I want the cut to be, then 
force a sylus through the center and pop out the plug.