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[pct-l] pct-l responses

Steve - you asked about why people would cc both the list and the 
individual.  More than half of us are subscribed to the digest.  So when we 
put out a post, it can be 24 hours before we find out whether anyone 
responded to what we wrote.  If they cc us at the same time they respond to 
the list message, we have some idea of what responses we got, and can think 
of a follow up, if necessary.  It's actually something of a courtesy to cc 
the person - though for you who aren't on digest, it's a pain to get double 
messages.  With the new instant archive system, we can now look to see what 
is happening on various threads, so the double cc is less necessary, but 
when time is tight, I don't usually surf to see what is happening on the 
lists between digests.
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