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[pct-l] Re: one last gun note as relates to PCT

Colt made a break down version of the M-16 that was intended as a survival
rifle. It disassembled in the same way you described. It may be the one you
are thinking of. It was .223 cal or 556 mm. I never owned one so I'm not
sure what they weighed. As far as the stopping power of 556 mm is concerned,
it was voted most likely to kill by around 1,000,000+ Vietnamese.
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I really don't remember - it wasn't a 22. Sorry.

Richard Calliger wrote:

> What was the stopping power (ie, caliber)? As I would think u still cuold
> get those surplus.
> Rich
> At 01:31 PM 2/27/01 -0500, Elizabeth A. Foshion wrote:
> >In the late 70's, I used to own a British made rifle designed as part of
> flyer's survival gear. I forget the caliber, but it broke down and
> everything fitted in the plastic stock (which floated). The barrel was
> aircraft aluminum and the rifle weighed a little over 1 pound with ammo.
> >
> >We took it backpacking, but it was a bitch to sight and definately
> range than I want to be with a Griz. Also, if you had it broken down, you
> would have been bear poop long before getting it together.
> >
> >E
> >
> >> I think that this is different. Do they make rifles that weigh less
than 8
> >> ounces? If so I'll consider hiking in Griz country.
> >>
> >> Tom
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