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[pct-l] Gun Owner Park Funds

Haven't you noticed the "I'm going to do it my way...the hell with the
rules....they don't make sense....and their all against me anyway" attitude
that pervades this list? You, naturally, are the undisputed champion of this
approach. It is one of your most endearing qualities (:

Well guess what? I don't want you to have a gun on the trail. Why? I don't
trust you to make the right decisions.


PS: I don'trust me to make the right decisions either. That's why I don't
carry one.

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 After my last post, I received several choice replies in private. It is
to see tax dollars go into the Park fund. Gun owners use the PCT itself and 
wear many different hats. Special note: Many horse people who use the PCT
also gun owners who do not fit the " Tie-dye, save a tree, kiss an Owl" mold

that seems to dominate this list. I have found out that lots of open minded 
liberal  hikers can also be some of the most " Narrow Minded and Short 
sighted" people in the country when gun issues are brought up. Violent
kill people and guns are only tools. Firearms serve as a deterrent against 
crime in the home and pushy governments foreign and domestic. This is the 
main reason our forefathers allowed us to keep firearms. ( Not only for 
hunting) It is good that they were not as short sighted as many of us seems 
to be today. I guess they looked more at the " Big Picture" and what could 
happen if guns were gone. The first thing any dictator worth his salt does
to remove all firearms from the population. Of course , we are the last 
country with an armed polpulation( which is a thorn for one world govenment 
types) The reason Russia didn't nuke us in the 50's wasn't because they
us. It was because we had as big a stick as they had. When guns are gone ,
all lose our stick. 
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