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[pct-l] ass packwards

Hi Zorra,

I just read your posting and browsed the replies. Nobody suggested a
frameless pack, but I used the REI Half Dome daypack for my through hike. It
has great mesh pockets on the side and a back zippered pouch with another
mesh pocket. I put straps on the bottom to hold my sleeping mat. It's a 35
oz. pack (with straps added) and cost $35. I'm 5'6" and the hip belt still
fit me in Canada after I lost about 30 pounds.

Good luck,

PS My husband wants me to get a pack with expansion potential. I think he
should carry a smaller pack...
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> might anyone have a suggestion for my dilemma?
> the situation:
> -i am 5'3"
> -currently sporting a 2.8 lb, trimmed jansport minimalist
> -and trying to keep my pack weight at a minimum for some ld hiking
> the problems:
> 1) the worst part is that the pack is too long for my torso; therefore,
>         it pounds incessantly someplace near my tailbone.  to put
>         it crassly, my @$$ gets quite sore by the end of the day.
>         yes, this even happens when my heavier items are
>         centrally placed within my pack.  (am i mistaken?  should
>         the heavier items of my pack not be centrally placed?)
> 2) i've a smaller waste, so i can't get the hip belt to go tight
>         enough.
> 3) the adjustable straps connected to the shoulder harness are
>         cinched as tightly as possible, yet still not tight enough.
> the question:
> does anyone know of an internal frame pack (preferably not too much more
> than a hundred bucks) that might fit me better and still weigh only a few
> pounds?
> oh, yes, and i'm in love with the long, vertical, external pouch that my
> minimalist has.  i'd be thrilled if the suggestion also had something
> similar to this pocket.
> grateful for any input,
> zorra
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