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[pct-l] alternate routes

Re: coming up w/a new definition of sex.
Happens naturally over time.

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Hey guys,

Some of you are beginning to sound like an ex-President we all know and
his trying to get out of trouble by coming up w/a new definition of sex.

Whether its purist or not, the trail, any trail, is the trail. We can
all justify our behavior under the title of "hike your own hike". I have
nothing but respect and admiration for those of you who have hiked from
Mexico to Canada, and, if you left the "official" (what ever that might
be) trail, then, you LEFT the trail.

Again, it doesn't matter what trail, when you are not on it, you're not
on it.

Oh well, I have hung myself out to dry again. When will I ever learn.
LOL   Attack guys, go for it!!   :)

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