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[pct-l] Re: PCT-L digest, Vol 1 #57 - 18 msgs

"Reynolds, WT" <reynolds@iLAN.com> wrote:
>FYI, I propose that you take your wife and all 5 kids with you. Then of
>course you should argue that anyone who takes less than wife and 5 really
>hasn't done anything. Hear that Jim & Ginnie? Better get started.

Rats - I only have 3.  Do grandchildren count?  How about nieces?  My 
brother, maybe??  :-)

Oh well, I'll just have to borrow some -- How about yours, Tom?

I wonder if I can actually parlay this into an excuse for another thruhike?  

Naaah - I don't need an excuse -- just money (and some time for my feet to 
heal).  :-)))

Walk softly,

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