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[pct-l] alternate routes

Once you accept the insanity of a 2700 mile thruhike the argument of red
blaze versus blue blaze is obviously of paramount importance. Strider, it is
clear that you DIDN'T walk the trail. You MUST atone for this NOW. We'll see
you at Campo this April.

FYI, I propose that you take your wife and all 5 kids with you. Then of
course you should argue that anyone who takes less than wife and 5 really
hasn't done anything. Hear that Jim & Ginnie? Better get started.


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Okay, Okay, OKAY!!!! I admit it! I didn't do it!  I didn't thru-hike the
 I didn't because:
- I hitchhiked a short section in Sth Calif.
- I didn't walk the official route because one didn't exist in 1977
- I walked a section of Hwy 395 because I was just too damn scared and tired

of the snow after nearly losing my life
- I walked out of Touloumne Meadows on the north side of the road and 
hitch-hiked back in on the south side of the road, so I never actually
across the road

Ah, come on, let's not start the purist war again.  I don't give a damn even

if you say "I hiked the PCT" and in reality you didn't.  Each person knows 
what they did or didn't do and whether or not it was a pure PCT hike is 
rather immaterial.

Greg "Did't Do IT" Hummel
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