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[pct-l] ass packwards


I was recently looking for a pack for my 13 year old daughter and thought
you might be interested in one that I turned up.  I actually ended up buying
her an Osprey Impala (which is heavier) because it was being closed out in
preparation for the new line coming out this spring.

The pack I found is the new (for 2001) Osprey Aether 60.


The pack is available in several sizes (it is more fitted than adjustable)
and has the following specs:

Size        Weight          Volume
Small       3lb 0oz          3500 cu. in.
Medium    3lb 2oz         3700 cu. in.
Large       3lb 5oz        3900 cu. in.

I think the cost is around $250 or so, and I'm not sure what the current
availablity is.  Osprey has always made good packs, and it is good to see
them move into the simple/light pack area.  This pack is not "ultralight,"
but is no heavyweight either!

-- Jim

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might anyone have a suggestion for my dilemma?

the situation:

-i am 5'3"
-currently sporting a 2.8 lb, trimmed jansport minimalist
-and trying to keep my pack weight at a minimum for some ld hiking

the problems:

1) the worst part is that the pack is too long for my torso; therefore,
        it pounds incessantly someplace near my tailbone.  to put
        it crassly, my @$$ gets quite sore by the end of the day.
        yes, this even happens when my heavier items are
        centrally placed within my pack.  (am i mistaken?  should
        the heavier items of my pack not be centrally placed?)

2) i've a smaller waste, so i can't get the hip belt to go tight

3) the adjustable straps connected to the shoulder harness are
        cinched as tightly as possible, yet still not tight enough.

the question:

does anyone know of an internal frame pack (preferably not too much more
than a hundred bucks) that might fit me better and still weigh only a few

oh, yes, and i'm in love with the long, vertical, external pouch that my
minimalist has.  i'd be thrilled if the suggestion also had something
similar to this pocket.

grateful for any input,


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