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[pct-l] Watches, Compass, GPS, altimeter, thermometer, cell phones, Palm pilot, . . .

Leave it all behind.  One of the joys of the PCT is reducing the artificial 
distractions of modern life to a minimal necessity.  

A compass?  I'll argue and argue that a compass or watch is not necessary and 
I just cannot understand why all of you ultra light weights aren't tuning 
into this!  If you know how to read a topographic map well and you supply 
yourself with good maps in those locations where you are most likely to lose 
the trail, then you can orient without a compass.  Try it next time you go on 
a weekender.  Leave the compass behind, but spend a hour studying the map in 
detail the area that you will be visiting and familiarize yourself with all 
of the geographic features.  

I taught a troop of Boy Scouts this a few years ago and was just about 
crucified by the troop leader for teaching them orienteering without a 

See ya' all in Lake Morena!

Greg "No Junk" Hummel