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[pct-l] Watches

Of course, the converse is also true: you can determine the time if you know
where south is. Therefore, Strider can make his trip watch free simply by
carrying a compass.

Lessee, it's 15 degrees for each hour (i.e., if sun is at 135 it's 9:00, 180
it's noon, and 225 it's 3:00). On the west coast, add the magnetic
declination to the compass reading (e.g., sun bearing 165 plus declination
15 = 180 degrees = noon). Then add an hour for daylight saving time. Okay,
so you need a compass _and_ a calculator. But still no watch!

Me? I think I'll continue to carry a watch and a compass.


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> Nice post!!
> Also- u can get a **very** good estimate of
> Southerly direction by making 2-3 gueses at the time and drawing lines
> for each time guess, and noon for each time.