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[pct-l] White Mountain Hut Boys

 Speaking of tall packs and white mountain hut boys, my old Jansport D3 was a 
close second in the old days. Down side with having your load high is being 
like " Humpty Dumpty" when you lean sideways. ( Like climbing over a log down 
on the trail with a steep slope) Still, with big loads on a good trail, the 
old Kelties and other ladder type packs did a super job. Jim Whittaker 
climber Evererest with an old REI Cruiser External frame and still lived! 
Also, Jansport frame packs were used on K2 through the late 70's till 
internals became vogue. For heavy weight, it's still hard to top a big frame 
pack. Of course, today's ultra packers carry much less and don't need the " 
Super Structure" of a small aircraft carrier on their back for their needs.  
PS- - When crossing the desert, read Proverbs 21:19 to cheer you up!!!!!! Mad