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[pct-l] bikes and runners

steve said- 
---selfish, selfish, selfish.
---first, I can't take my bike on the trail,
---and now, someone wants to hand out
---running tickets.

Amigo says-
much is said there about who should hike the trail.
while you do have a point, there is a world of
difference between mountain bikers and gatorade
pumpin',fanny pack sportin', NIKE wearing runners.  
while i don't much care for them, because they're just
a little too extreme for me, racing past at 8 miles
per hour.  however, i step back and look at myself,
racing past those leisurely hikers at 3.124 mph,
trying to make my 35 mile day. what a disgrace. then
there are the through hikers, who are getting greedy
trying to walk the whole stinkin trail in one season. 
they're more pittiful than the friggin section hikers.
 and don't the day hikers have something better to do
with their days and weekends than spend it on my


Let's make room for those little, fuzzy, velvet ants
to wander back and forth, and back and forth, across
the path toward those speedy striped lizards that look
like they came from the Jurassic Park movie. -Man!
Those little suckers know how to tear up a runway! 
Lord knows they're the ones who use the trail the

Cabin fevered too,

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