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[pct-l] Buy and Mail Re-supply

I also resupplied while I was hiking (most of the time) and I was glad about 
it. From the pcta.org I got a list, like the one from wheatercarrot about 
the towns, where to resupply, which helped me a lot. And I made a box in 
which I sent no longer wanted gear ahead to myself. Don`t know about the 
costs, but there are many positives things for me about resupplying while 

1. You don`t have to worry about the opening hours of the post office. There 
was one time when a postworkertrailangel came to the post office just for us 

2. Some people get tired of their food. They don`t like some food anymore, 
but know that there are still 40 boxes back home. I hiked with a woman who 
ate Maccaroni & Cheese 3-4 times a week. They got it cheap back home, but 
her friend started to hate it after the first two times, so she had to eat 
it by herself.

3. You can buy what you like. Sometimes you have to get whatever is in the 

4. There ARE also good things in the hikerboxes. Sometimes I couldn`t figure 
out what I was cooking, when I got food out of there, but there were also 
good surprises.

5. I am not from America, so the preparing ahead would have been to 
complicated if not impossible.

alias Swiss Miss

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>Subject: [pct-l] Buy and Mail Re-supply
>Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 20:48:19 -0800
>I would be curious of a couple of things
>1. How much exactly did it cost you total for all drift box shipments and
>re-supplying along the trail?
>2. What did you do for areas that now either have no post office, does not
>mail out or for the now 12 areas that accept only UPS? (Do to the closures
>of  Agua Dulce, Ollalie Lake Guard Station, VVR if they are not open this
>season, etc.)
>3. What did you do about gear that you no longer wanted to carry or gear
>that you would need. This system would require you to carry all your gear
>throughout the entire hike and drift items ahead of you? Now your talking
>more money for the shipment. (Not considering the postage hike that is in
>effect this year)
>I mean I like your idea but how money efficient is this system. The whole
>point of planning the re-supply ahead of time would be to make sure that
>they are not stuck in these (as of this year) "problem areas"! And how many
>people out here like to carry that kind of cash or even credit cards with
>them? If there is one thing I have learned about hikers is, with our
>services with The Box Drop, that they want to save money. Please don't take
>this wrong this system would be very well thought out for people who like 
>re-supply on the way. I agree with you there and I truly like the flow of
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> > Hi -
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> > There's been lots of great resupply info on this list recently. To add 
> > that, I thought I would write up a resupply list with more specific 
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