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[pct-l] PCT Buy and Mail Resupply

>  - Skykomish: 5 days (maildrop) - One of the friendliest PO's on the
>  and you'll also possibly run into Bob Norton, a hiker-friendly resident
>  likes to meet as many of each year's hikers as possible. (He and Meadow
>  do a great job of keeping track of the thru-hiker numbers from year to
>  so they're the first people to go to if you want all the related 
>  statistics).
>  - Leavenworth: Alternative to Skykomish if you want a supermarket and 
>  various other features that large towns would have.
another alternative to skykomish would be to continue  west on 2 to the town
of gold bar. it has a new supermarket and a outdoor store. you can also
catch a bus from there(weekdays only)to monroe(with conections to everett
and seattle).monroe has everything from supermarkets to thrift stores. try
the fred meyers food/department store. low prices and they have bulk bins of
food (candy,pasta,spices etc.)and a organic section. hitching a ride to and
from gold bar is suprisingly easy,in the last few years ive probally hitched
it 100plus times ;day, night ,rain and snow i can`t remember waiting more
than a half hour. 
for more bus info ,snohomish countys bus page is under community transit.

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