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[pct-l] Banff Mountain Film Festival

Hi all,

Not necessarily exactly AT or PCT trail related but of general interest to 
this type of crowd is the Banff Mountain Film Festival tour.

This is a tour of some of the films presented at the Banff Mountain Film 
Festival.  There's lots of extreme sport films, usually in spectacular 
mountain settings.  Also mixed in are just films of various aspects of 
mountain culture and even humor.  The filmmakers and the areas being filmed 
are from around the world.

Check out http://www.banffcentre.ab.ca/CMC/film_tourall.html for information 
about when the tour will be near a city near you.

The tour is coming to Boston next week and I'm planning on going to both 
nights.  They often (usually?) sell out so advanced planning is suggested.  
If there are any Boston area listers interested in going, let me know.  I 
may be able to help out by getting tickets in advance and maybe we can get 
together for dinner beforehand.

Here's the email about the films being presented this year in Boston (the 
film groupings vary from location to location).

Stitches, GAME99

P.S.  Yes, there's quite a bit of commercialism but it's worth it and 
besides, they give good stuff awaay during the raffle.

The Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour 2001
Somerville Theatre
55 Davis Square (T) on the Redline
2 Nights......16 Films
Tuesday, February 27 & Wednesday, February 28

Doors Open @ 6:15  /  Lights go down at 7:15
Tickets are $13.50 plus a $0.50 fee from the theatre= $14.00

If  you would like to be taken off our list (which is used solely for Chunky
Monkey events) just email me back and let me know.
There are 8 films each evening, plus raffles with prizes from our
many sponsors!!
I know its only human to want to stuff the ballot box, but please, limit
yourself to one entry per person, thank you.
Tickets are available at the Somerville Theatre (walk up only) (cash only)
or at Ticketmaster and Ticketmaster outlets (617) 931-2000
Somerville Theatre info (617)625-4088
Hosted by....... Chunky the Monkey
My apologies to anyone who went to paulnager.com and didn't find me. I'm
still working on it!

Schedule of Films: February 27, Tuesday Evening

Skiletto    Canada / Biking / 4 min.
A singular mountain biking film with a 3/4 twist at the end!

Disaster on the North Face of the Eiger       Germany / Climbing. Expedition 
This is the story of two mountaineers who, driven by incredible ambition, 
planned a ropeless ascent of the North Face of the Eiger. In doing so they
the experiences of former Eiger climbers, many of them tragic.

POW  / Posse of Women   Canada / Skiing. Boarding / 7 min.
Four west coast women perform in the magnificent mountains of British
Columbia in a short comedy, packed with powder, action, and stunts.

Wild Climbs: Czech Republic       UK / Climbing / 30min.
Andy Cave and Leo Holding are two British climbers with worldwide
reputations, and they are taking climbing boldly into the 21st century. In
film they climb the sandstone towers of the Czech Republic.

Wheel Women     Canada / Mountain Biking / 8 min. (Brief nudity in
Filmed on Vancouver's North Shore and British Columbus interior. Four
women, Big Mountains, Playtime baby!!

UP    USA / Flying / 14 min.
>From the Retro Reels Tour
Best Film on Mountain Sports and CO-winner Grand Prize of the Festival
A pet eagle, a hang glider and many mountain ranges of spectacular views.

No Strings   Canada  /Climbing.Bouldering / 15 min.
A lighthearted bouldering tour of what western Canada has to offer.

He Dances for His Cormorants  France / Culture. Environment / 26 min.
>From the Retro Reels Tour / Back by Popular Demand
Best Film on Mountain Culture and the Peoples Choice Award
The Zong Man is considered the best fisherman on the Lijjang River. He has
twelve cormorants, trained to catch the largest fish in the river. Each year
Zongster raises a young cormorant. Here begins the surprising story of a
marriage and an egg.

Schedule of Films: February 28, Wednesday Evening
Nurpu  USA / Kayak / 5 min.
Kayaking in Chile, Nepal, Baja, Argentina, Europe, Canada, and Bali as well
as the classic runs on the creeks and rivers of Montana, Wyoming and Oregon.
Big Drops, Roaring Cool !!! And all in five minutes!!

Mysterious Mambaramo   Slovakia / Environmental / Culture / 63min.
2000 Festival Grand Prize Winner
P.C.Parental Warning: Tour Guides along the route have forwarded this info;
nudity (full frontal, male and female) a bit too much for some families. A
pig is
killed, and there has been some negative response related to the exposure of 
closed region, raising questions of political correctness.
Because of its inaccessibility, both natural and political, Irian Jaya is 
of the
only remaining places so-called civilized man can come in contact w/ the
primitive world. This film documents a difficult and dangerous adventure 
unknown and sometimes hostile territory.

Resident Bruise   USA / Skiing. Boarding  / 7 min.
A Wipeout Extravaganza !!

Higher Calling   USA / Flying. Culture / 45 min.
Peoples Choice Award
This is the story of six friends, whose goal was to fly cross country
together in
Western Nepal. Finding launches and landings became their daily routine, and
their paragliders became vehicles into the culture.

Splinter  UK / Climbing / 4 min.
A short brilliant film about Malcolm Smith climbing the hardest wood boulder
problem in the UK.

Quartzite Falls: A Wilderness Tale    USA / Rafting. Environmental / 22
This film traces the destruction of Quartzite Falls, a class V+ rapid in
Arizona’s Salt River Canyon. When a federal investigation leads to the 
of individuals who blew up the rapid, their alibi; to make the river 
sparks a debate about the meaning of wilderness and the freedom to risk.

El Cap   Switzerland / Big Wall Climbing / 9 min.
Two Swiss fellows, Yosemite's Mescalito Route, and humor  management.
Clean yet obscure.

L’Esprit de la Coupe Icare    France / Parapente.Hang Gliding / 11 min.
>From the Retro Reels Tour / Back by Popular Demand
Special Jury Award
Every year a special flying competition takes place at St. Hilaire du Touvet
Great Fun!!

See you at the Movies!

Paul Fitzpatrick Nager  a.k.a. Chunky the Monkey

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