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[pct-l] Homemade cookers and radios

My pop can stove is a combo of Bob Reiss's stove and Roy Robison's stove. I 
take two pepsi can bottoms pushed together and J.B. welded. ( With fiberglass 
insulation in between that serves as a wick) I put 8 holes on top rim and 8 
more offset in concave rim. ( Use a small needle and hammer to make) This 
works as filler holes and secondary jets for extra heat. Then use J. B. Weld 
to attach a large size cat food can to bottom of burner which works as a 
primer plate. Take cat food can and cut down to 1/4 inch sides ( The cat can 
is a light alloy and is Roy Robinson's  idea that I borrowed)  Use a teaspoon 
of fuel to prime.This set up will boil 2 cups in under 5 minutes. I use 12 
oz. coffee cans for pot stands with 3 V-shaped vents cut in top and 3 off set 
V-shaped on the bottom. I made several of these for last year's thru-hikers 
which are still in use. Radios___ Go to radio shack for a Optimus light 
weight radio which is digital AM/FM, weather channel plusTV station sounds 
for channels 2-13 so you can listen to Oprah and Hoolywood Squares as you 
hike. 49.95 on sale this week.