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[pct-l] Nick's Long Walk Website


I just wanted to let everyone know that I am planning to hike the PCT
this summer, in part to raise money for Bay Area Wilderness Training, a
project of the Earth Island Institute in San Francisco, which seeks to
improve access to the wilderness for urban youth. I've developed a
website with information about my hike, the trail, and BAWT. I plan to
update the site with journal entries, photographs, and drawings as I

I'll be starting from Campo on the 27th of April and look forward to
meeting some of you at Lake Morena for ADZPCTKO III. In '99 my
girlfriend Whitney and I hiked from Campo to Crater Lake. Along the way
we met many fine people including some from this list. You may remember
me - besides Strider I'm the only other 6'9" hiker on the PCT!


Nick's Long Walk | www.kipnuk.com/nick/pct/
Bay Area Wilderness Training | www.bawt.org