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[pct-l] I need a cold weather stove

I need to find a different winter stove. I've used, sometimes with great sucess and sometimes
without lousy results (see my most recent snowshoe trip - the travels pages of my website, the URL
is in the signature), a Primus Micro Alpine canister stove in the past. I could use an alcohol
burner (Trangia or maybe Photon's stove) though they're incredibly slow at melting snow / heating
water. I've always had something of a love-hate (mostly hate) relationship with the MSR Whisperlite
and its many parts.

So, I'm looking for something new.  I'd like it to be reasonably fast and fuel efficient, but most
importantly just reliable. Anyone care to share any suggestions for a good winter stove for pretty
much only solo use?

  ** Ken **