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[pct-l] Thank you Tin Can Stove Man....

.....whoever you are!

I received my brand new tin can stove in the mail today made by "America's 
most obscure Superhero" and I psyched.  It came with a set of instructions 
even I can understand.  No parts to break, no priming, no cost... where I 
have I been all these years?

What intrigues me is the note the Tin Can Stove Man send along with the stove 
on the instructions page "Sly, could it be that you met the Tin Can Stove Man 
somewhere?  Maybe on the PCT last year?"  I think I may have it narrowed 
down, but lot's of folks were using these stoves last year.

Whoever you are Superhero of mine, thanks!

Your faithful servant, Sly