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[pct-l] Pack for sale

Interesting. Where do we see it.


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PCT Listers,

As requested, I too have decided to sell a prototype
of my own.  It seems as if last year's rarity may go
off this summer.  Needing to spare a few ounces in
weight, I have created the "balance on your
back-pack."  Donna Saufley's place has pictures of it,
but let me describe it to you.  Imagine a backpack
made of 400 proof ripstop, slipstop, al goretex nylon
fabric, with no awkward shoulder straps OR hip belt. 
All you need to do is crook forward, and slap it up on
your back.  As long as you hike with your back
horizontal (which can be aided with my miniature
hiking poles - for sale later-)you're in the cheese. 
All questions should go to 1-800-AMIGO, or visit my
website.  The price is 39.95


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