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[pct-l] Re: Prototype Pack-More Info

If profit isn't the motive, then what is?

I can see the allure one-off designs that meet specific needs or =
desires, but the moment the word "marketing" comes into the picture it =
is automatic that "profit" will (hopefully) follow. Or do you think =
Patagonia, TNF, Mountain Hardwear, Dana, Gregory, GoLite and the =
plethora of other outdoor gear companies aren't making money?

Profit is not a dirty word -- it is your reward for ingenuity and hard =

As for the issue of design and function, assume nothing. If marketing =
and money truly are not big deals, then you can afford to do the initial =
field tests at your leisure, when you do have time. Best to do the alpha =
testing yourself, with beta testing on others at a later time. Alpha =
testing on a PCT thru-hike is, to say the least, a bit ambitious.

All this the humble opinion, of course, of one who has had humility =
thrust upon him. <g>

-- Bob M
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  I am hoping to get other people to test the pack because I can't. I =
don't have the time. I am hopeful that the pack, being simply a copy of =
an existing pack, will have minor problems. I did try the water =
suspending trick with the Kelty. It worked well. Marketing it is no big =
deal. Money isn't the issue. You can't get rich selling backpacking =
gear. I expect three or four prototypes before I finally get the one I =
want for Ginnie.



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