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[pct-l] Kestrel weather gadget.

In a message dated 2/12/2001 12:05:26 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
CMountainDave@aol.com writes:

<< I have my own body wind gage. When I'm stopped in my tracks it's 
 about 70 mph. When I'm literally picked up and involuntarily moved, it's 100 
 mph. Once I was on top of Raindeer and I could not get into the summit 
 to sign the register. You could lean 45 degrees as long as you liked and not 
 fall down. Spindrift whirl winds by the dozen were swirling hundreds of feet 
 into the air from the crater rim. We didn't hang around long! Luckily, the 
 ascent/descent route was on the lee side of the mountain >>

Sounds like.... fun?  I imagine you were laughing atleast some of the way.  I 
plan on getting up that mountain someday, with Mad Monte as my guide!