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[pct-l] Walkman walking

Hi all,
While re-reading a journal entry I made last summer southbound on the John
Muir out of Tuolumnem U was reminded of some recent posts about
walkman-walking.  Thought some of you might relate:

"...Which reminds me. I could afford to use batteries like there is no
tomorrow, because a 3 oz (I think) solar cell recharger kept four chargable
batteries always at the ready. It also permitted use of the aforementioned
digital camera, which hungrily uses four AA batteries. My headlamp uses
another two, as well as one for my emergency flash light, one for the stove
(Sierra Zip), and one for my MP3 player. ALL are AA.
MP3 player? Having music on the tough parts of the trail (one ear only!)
reduced the pain to nil. I found to my amazement, that when the going got
tough, I just got the music going and immediately focused on it rather than
the burning lungs and muscles. A couple of times when I felt sad/lonely
before bed, the music relaxed me. AMAZING. I'll never go out without one
again. Of course I'm weird in that having only 10 or 20 songs play over and
over doesn't bother me. I load the MP3 (Rave) up with songs I wish to
memorize...and I choose CAREFULLY!
I bet more than a few folks on the trail were relieved that I only sing
quietly to myself. Sound carries so far in the mountains. On the second day
I met a small party with a backpacker guitar on top of Donahue pass. They
weren't playing it, but I wished that they were...."

I'll never go out again without music.  While I spend much of my time
listening only to nature, and NEVER use more than one earpeace (bears,
snakes, etc.), the quality of the wilderness experience is quite improved by
having much loved music when I need it.  I think back on the trips where I
longed for it...best 5 ounces I carry! For shorter hikes (less than 200
pictures) I feel much the same about the digital camera.

Of course, YMMV.