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[pct-l] CDT routes?

"Nate Young" <barfface74@hotmail.com> wrote:
>I know this group is for the PCT, but I though you all might be able to 
>me anyway.  I'm looking to do a section of the CDT possibly between Lake
>City, CO and some where near Santa Fe, NM.  I need to figure out the route
>so if you could suggest any trails, maps, and anyother route resources for
>this section you got would be helpful.  Thnaks

Nate -
For the CDT list, go to:


That's the information page. You can subscribe if you like or you can just 
go to the archives.

If you look in the archives you'll find what you're looking for.  The 
archives only go back to Jan 1, 2001 right now but they have the first half 
of a series of posts about CDT planning.  The rest of the series will be 
there by this time next week cause I won't have time to play with it after 

If you have questions, you can get back to us.

Walk softly,

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