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[pct-l] Trail Angels

 Back in the 70's the term had a different meaning. A trail angel was 
something you saw right before death in a snow storm under the weight of a 70 
pound pack. ( Usually saying something like," I told you your pushing 
yourself too hard) They usually appeared over your right shoulder and were 
only 2 feet tall. On the other hand , there were trail devils that were the 
same size and appeared at the same time over your left shoulder and would 
say," No, the trail angel is lying, you can pack a 90 lb. pack and hike 
straight up this avalanche chute in a snow storm!! Go for it!! Anyway, in 
today's terms trail magic is something that just happens and not to be 
planned on. Their are many great trail angels, but don't hike and think they 
will be there for your every need. The people who planted water last year in 
the desert did a great job, but also got flack from hikers who got there 
after the stash ran dry and planned their hike to have trail angels bail them 
out for their own shortcomings! If you find water in the desert, great, but 
don't plan the others doing it for you or it doesn't make being a trail angel 
any fun. ( Thank You again to all the trail angels and your efforts!!!)