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[pct-l] Eagle Creek/ Tunnel Falls? Scary?

First, I want to thank all of trail angels out there for everything that 
they do for the hikers on the PCT.  It amazes me that there are so many 
people out there that are still willing to help (and be friendly to) 
complete strangers.  My husband and I both look forward to meeting some of 
the people from this list as we hike the PCT this year.

I have a question for people that have done the Oregon portion of the trail. 
  My mom, who has always wanted to backpack (but hasn't), will be joining us 
for a section of the trail.  I was originally thinking that the Eagle Creek 
Falls alternate route would be a good one (supposed to be quite scenic), but 
I am concerned that the trail may be too scary for mom.  The guide book 
mentions that the trail isn't for the faint of heart... but it is such a 
popular trail that I can't imagine it being too technical.  I, of course, 
don't want to bring my mom somewhere that she will be uncomfortable... What 
are people experiences on this section?  Is there another short-ish section 
in Washington or Oregon that people would recommend instead?

Thanks... mom says "Hi"

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