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[pct-l] NApster

Ditto on Napster...go to napster.com - you'll need to download a server
control window from them-- and then you are ready to go.  The mp3 qulaity
on 99% of the songs is excellent although not quite CD quality. However the
price is right--since I "discovered" Napster 2 months ago I have over
2,500 songs- shooting for 2,800 for obvious reasons- and I had to upgrade
my disk to a 100GB drive and a CD burner... I even found some of the classic
CBS Radio Mystery shows like War of the WOlrds original 1920's (circa?)
by Orson Wells...

Hurry- as the free anture of the site will be changing -- everyone as you
can imagine
is suing--- but we the user wins for now-- there are over 40,000,000
and u cant sue everyone..but they could be closed down anytime :-)


At 02:09 AM 2/7/01 EST, CMountainDave@aol.com wrote:
>Not anything to do with the PCT but I've been using Napster to download songs 
>I've been longing to hear for decades - everything from Hank Williams' 
>Jambalya  and Hey Good Lookin' to George Benson's Breezin' to Frank Sinatra's 
>That's Life, CCR's Looking Out My Back Door, Cyndi Lauper's Girls Just want 
>to Have Fun, Stevie Wonder's My Cheri Amour, Van Morrison's Moondance , Billy 
>Idol's White Wedding and the Temptation's My Papa was a Rolling Stone. 
>Napster is the greatest thing since sliced bread!!!Any song you can imagine 
>is there for free - at least for now. I must admit -  a tape player with 
>earphones would be great to have to listen to tunes for a while before 
>nodding off to sleep in a tent but I wouldn't use it while hiking because it 
>would distract me from some of the reasons I was there for.
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