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[pct-l] Re: Thanks Butch, Peg, Jessica & Mary Ann

It has taken Walt and me this long to be able to get on the net and add to 
the comments about Butch's passing.  We have been blessed each of the three 
times we stopped at VVR from '97 to '99, each time was more special than the 
last.  When I became ill in '99, and knew I couldn't make it through the 
Sierras and Walt needed to go ahead with our friends, there was only one 
place where I could wait for Walt and where he knew I would be able to get 
help if I got worse.

After a call to Peg and Butch at VVR, Walt headed back on the trail with our 
friends, I headed to VVR with Wendy Sulda where I was greeted with open arms 
to await Walt's arrival.  My wait was so much easier because I was treated 
like family.  Peg and Butch knew I needed to keep busy and they let me help 
them out wherever I could. Some of my fondest memories those 6 days were 
being with Jessica and Mary Ann as they swam on the lake with the dogs, 
watching them interact with everyone and do their studies with Peg or Butch 
during the "slow" times, and helping Peg make her famous pies.  Nothing will 
take those memories away - I just wish there could have been more memories 
from future years to hold close to our hearts, but such is life.

VVR will never be the same.  Peg, Jessica and Mary Ann, we love you!