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[pct-l] Paddy's Gear

Since the new owner has the same email address, I'd have to guess it's his 

I'm happy to hear you finally got your order.  I think I was on the AT and 
during a day off I was checking the pct archives when I read about your 
dilemma.  I think it best to email paddysgear@aol.com to set your order up 
beforehand.  They sure do have great prices and I never heard of him ripping 
anyone off.


In a message dated 2/4/2001 1:20:44 PM Eastern Standard Time, goforth@cio.net 

<< Paddy's Gear has been sold to a "Dive Shop":
 They took at LONG time on my last order, but I got it.  They only have
 lightwieght stuff at low prices.
 but I am unsure about ordering from the new entity, and it NEVER SAYS WHO
 TO MAKE THE CHECK OUT TO, or where to send it.!!!!!!!
 Has anybody had experience with the new owner? >>