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[pct-l] RE: radios and walkman

As a musician,  the  thing I miss most on the trail (yes, more than
showers and great food) is music.  However I haven't yet taken a musical
box on a trip.  First of all my hiking companion would resent its
intrusion between us, as he likes to carry on a conversation.  Second of
all it would cut off the sounds of nature and somehow separate me from
the backcountry I've come to enjoy.  However I do carry a backpacker's
guitar on short trips so I can play in the evening.  And when I hike, I
sing in my head or under my breath.  When the trail is long and hard I
sing the Beatles, and when the weather is frightening (lightning,
especially) I sing praise songs to keep my courage up.  The only hazard
in this practice is the annoying habit of getting stuck on one bit of
song and singing it all day!
    I'm looking for a lightweight hardshell case for my backpacker
guitar, similar to those used for rifles.  It would have to be 3 feet
long, at least five inches wide and at least 3 inches deep.  So far
everything I have found is at least a foot too long.  Anybody know where
I can find one?
Marion Davison