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[pct-l] Re: Butch

I spoke to Greg of Mono Hot Springs [5 miles down the road from VVR. 10
miles from the PCT on the Bear Creek Trail]. Greg doesn't believe that Peggy
would be able to bear every third visitor asking "Where's Butch?" Therefore
Greg doesn't believe that Butch's family will continue with VVR.

VVR is a Edison Company concession. Someone who wants to purchase it would
probably have to pay a hefty price. This type of business, however, makes
very little money. In a discussion at the PCTA meeting yesterday it was
generally agreed that campers [car campers} are very cheap, backpackers are
the cheapest of the cheap and thruhikers are the cheapest, of the cheap of
the cheap. [Horse people OTOH spend like durnken sailors which may explain
Muir Trail Ranch's attitide] 

My guess is that VVR may very well NOT OPEN THIS YEAR. Thruhikers, don't
count on it unless you hear otherwize. FYI Mono Hot Springs is 10 miles down
the Bear Creek Trail and contains a Post Office and very well stocked store.
Jeff {Greg's brother} won't buy you a beer and a cabin is highly unlikely
BUT it is an option. You could easily resupply TOTALLY from the store and
make Mammoth or Tolumne.


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I think that a memorial would be great.  All his work and dedication to
making the VVR a hiker-fiendly place deserves recognition.

I am not usre wher to put it.  The obvious place is at VVR; but if his
family doesn't keep VVR, the new owners would have to agree.

Just as food for thought, what are others' view on this?


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>I was stunned by the news of Butch, and regretful I had fallen far behind 
>reading my e-mail, and could not attend services.  My family had only met
>last summer, and we had planned a visit every summer thereafter to enjoy
>hospitality in the most beautiful place on earth.  He was, indeed very 
>special; a friend to all but, sadly himself.  He and his family are in our 
>prayers.  The future of VVR is out of our control, but I think we should 
>somehow contribute to a memorial of some sort.  In such a short time he 
>touched so many hearts.
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