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[pct-l] Re: head phones/music

I  have to agree with Charlie in listening to nature. As much as I love my
music, I believe
the ability to hear external forces around you is vital to safety. My hiking
partner heard all three rattlesnakes Before seeing them,  in 1999, on the
first 1000 miles he did.

Last year we did 800 miles together. Hearing the bikers coming up behind us
saved us(they admitted not seeing us) from a crash. We heard the bear before
it saw us, and we saw it.

 I could hear my partner cautioning me softly when coming upon that mother
bear with a cub. We heard the deer snort in the night, letting us know it
was deer, not bear scruffing around our tent.

We heard the water trickling off trail, that we despertly needed, and were
watching for.  We heard the distant thunder before the clouds rolled in up
in the Sierras.

Perhaps listening to music  in camp would be very nice. I dont believe I
would while hiking, though.

To Walk in the Wilderness is Freedom--