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[pct-l] MiniDisc players on the trail

I eventually got up Mt Williamson in the Sierra by melodious
strands of ACDC - Thunderstruck (or?) CD giving me that
extra stamina boost!! hah ha ah


At 8:00 AM -0800 2/4/01, Owen Kittredge wrote:
>I have a CD player with anti skip and took it into the Grand Canyon last
>month and
>had no problems with the trail.  Also I use head phones. . speakers weigh
>to much
>and consume more battery energy. The great part is now every time I hear
>Aqualung by
>Jetro Tull I am back on the trail!
>The batteries lasted well over a week with 2 to 3 hrs of play a day.
>owen k
>Richard Calliger wrote:
>> Shouldn't be so quick to judge-- almost all players today **require**
>> and unless you snuggle up real close whul u walk- u ain't gonna hear it
>> Also- I took my CD player on first partof JMT -- skips too much from the
>> walking on rougher trail- smoother ok...
>> Rich
>> t 10:13 PM 2/3/01 EST, CharlieJones@aol.com wrote:
>> >In a message dated 2/3/01 6:50:48 PM Pacific Standard Time,
>> >jim@rollercoaster.com writes:
>> >
>> >
>> >> So my question is, has anyone brought a minidisc player (or even CD
>> >> along their hike (or hiked with one in general)? If so, how did it
>> >> I'm especially concerned about it skipping from the repetitive motion
>>of my
>> >>
>> >
>> >Did you ever think about just listening to the sounds of nature? And,
>> >your fellow hikers do the same? Some of us may be out there to get away
>> >"someone else's choice of music."
>> >
>> >Just consider it ... and be considerate.
>> >
>> >Charlie
>> >
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