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[pct-l] Re: [cdt-l] Re: [at-l] REI

At 7:29 AM -0800 2/4/01, Earl Needham wrote:
>At 08:13 AM 2/4/01 -0700, Earl Needham blasted the following out into the
>>      Same here, and it's sad.  REALLY sad.  I got a dividend of over
>> $1000 about 5 years ago, and now I rarely shop there any more.  Of
>> course, some of this is due to some changes in my life, but still...
>      Make that "I got a dividend of over $100 about 5 years ago,"
>      Earl

I agree- but 10 years ago for me my dividend *was* over $1000 (yes, thousand)
-and you can firgure what you had to spend to get that :-)) .....

If you want a quality fleece pullover 200-300+ denier(sp?) plus a windstop
lining or a true Gortex parka- u cant get em at Wallmart- they have imitations
that the newbies fall for everyyear and then realize when it lasts once season
or two that is is better to open the ol wallet for quality rather than a $20
knock-off that is not warranted or is not up to high-altitude or long-term
quality u get specifically for mountaineering.

And also- back then I outtfitted a LandRover with Thule gear, plastic
boots, leather boots,
$2000 worth of freeze dried food, major technical clothes pruchase, base camp
tents, pack tents, gps, radios, gortex suit, $200 arctic gloves, arctic boots,
new ropes, a great climbing rack, --- it was a major resupply refurbish year-
etc-- you get the idea... my receipt file was the "envy" of many :-)) hahahah

But- I wasnt perceived anyway but the way I wanted to be for my Alaska
trip and winter clmbing, etc...climbing up the side of Denali or Ranier
depends a lot on yourself BUT also your gear...your gear dies-- so do you.
There is no resupply there :-)

If REI didnt carry a piece of gear I needed, then I went to Western Mount.
or TNF.  REI still doesnt carry that gear, but they can order it and pass
their markup gladly onto you :-)

Stores grow and change like the population demographics they serve. Not
only REI,. but nowadays it is a challenge to find anything with Gortex it
in at my wallmart or costco...they just dont move- and the stuff they
have never even seen the backside of a double-stitch or seam-sealer!!

Often I go to REI and I would invaribaly meet someone going to climb
Ranier...nowadays it is to go for a hike in Yosemite... times a changing..
me too- I shop there less because the gear I want now is cheaper on
the net from Canada or Europe when I am there, and I dont pay taxes there.
(on the net).