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[pct-l] Butch Wiggs and PCT resupply

So sad about Butch.  I went through VVR on my '98 throughhike.  At one 
point, I remember Butch asking me if there was anything else he could get 
me.  I jokingly replied that a bag of carrots and some dates would be 
awesome.  I was astonished and very grateful the next day when he handed me 
a paper bag with some carrots and dates.  He refused to accept any money for 
them.  i don't know how he got them.  the place was magic.  you could feel 
it in the air.  when i think of the high sierra and even the PCT, i think of 
VVR.  it represented to me what i love about wilderness.  in wilderness, 
things and people are different.  life seems more as it should be, and VVR 
seemed to me to be a little island of peace and humanity hidden up there in 
the sierra wilderness in the midst of this mad "civilized" world.  a place 
where life was more simple and full of heart.  and Butch was VVR.  with 
Butch gone, it feels as if even the sierra wilderness has lost its 
innocence.  that hurts.  my thoughts are with you Butch.  I wish you 


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