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I wrote a similar letter howevr I am in the position tothe resort possibly--
I am selling my house in Silicon Valley and makin the mountains I love my home..
and run it exactly as he did!! Perhaps a corporation could be foremd where
PCT hikes own part of it for a small sum-- and then these sums could be
used to help with the purchase or buyout- whatever is required--
I also have several calls but none have gone thru...

(no name)- 300+ peaks, AT-85 PCT-90 JMT- 95 

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>Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2001 11:13:48 -0700
>I'm devastated by Butch's death.  I was a couple of days behind on my 
>pct-l digests when I read Butch's Jan 24th appeal:
>   You guys have been the most cherished friends with the highest values 
>   ever had. And there are so many friends we just haven't met yet. Sorry 
>   sound so heavy, its just been a tuff time for this ole cowboy.
>   I love you all
>   Butch Wiggs
>He died the next day and I see now that is was his way of saying goodbye. 
> I wrote him on the 27th and the mail never found him but I wanted to 
>publish it here as a sort of tribute because I don't know what else to 
>Hi Butch,
>Don't know if you remember me but I was the red-haired '99 thruhiker that 
>came through early in the season after some hairy moments on the high 
>passes (June 11th or so before the ferry was operating).  You took me in 
>your boat out into the lake and we tried to get e-mail through your 
>cel-phone connection but no luck.  Anyway I did manage to find the 
>Canadian border on Sept 13th, 1999 and not a day goes by that I don't 
>think about the trail.  Stopping at VVR (I also stopped there the 
>previous year on my JMT hike) was a hilight of my walk and I always tell 
>friends about the wonderful experience I had, especially my wife who will 
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