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[pct-l] Folding Chairs

> In a message dated 1/31/2001 4:45:58 PM Eastern Standard Time,
> Bighummel@aol.com writes:
> << The "Chairman" in 1977 carried an aluminum beach chair strapped
to the
> back  of his pack for an estimated 2000 miles!  Some chose the
luxury of
> comfort at  a price that is acceptable to them and only them.  Each
sets what
> level of price is acceptable.   >>

When I hiked the JMT 10 years ago I fell in with a group of 4, each
a light folding camp stool.  When I mentioned that I never had a
finding a suitable log, stump or rock to sit on, the reply was: "Have
ever tried to find four, all together"?

Made sense to me....

. . . Kurt