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**Understanding** Re: [pct-l] FW: Hiker killed on Whitney


If one gets hurt it takes a HUGE amount of pain killers. One person broke
his toe trying to get his food back from a bear [food in his tent]. He went
through my entire supply in two days, using 1-2 Vicodine every 2 hours.
That's what he needed to walk. 

PS: I could have denied him my pills and taught him a valuable lesson but
one doesn't do that in my mountains.

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Rich writes:

<< If  I  were injured the same it could have  been fatal. With the
 pain and agony from this simple  fall, and consequent
 sprain, and having been there on the mtn, I could not imagine
 locomoting myself 10 more miles back to the trail head! Or even
 back to my tent.>>

I thought of this exact scenario before attempting a thruhike and came up 
with this solution:  Prescription pain killers and since an injury of this 
type is most likely to occur while you have your pack on or near, it offers 
plenty splint building materials.  I figured that in most situations the 
combination of the pain killers, a good splint and the ice ax to use as a 
crutch  would enable to get out of most areas.  Obviously a few exceptions 
exist, but you can't plan for every possibility, only the most likely.

<< One thing I recall is that most accidents happen at home-- >>

So, then, for God's sake!  DONT STAY HOME!! GET OUT QUICK AND STAY OUT!!!

Best regards,

Greg "Strider" Hummel
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